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CommEx – Commodity Stock Exchange & Back Office Software

CommEx is the software specially designed for the Commodity Exchange. CSE is business of daily large no. of transactions which consists both sell and purchase. It is quite natural to maintain all these data accurately and process them in speed for further activities. Along with all these features our software also provides back office management for the CSE as well. Its online trading allows speedy work. Its Accuracy gives perfection to the accounts. It is Easy to use software. It generates maximum report at the minimum keystrokes. It is designed in such a way that it allows to enter maximum customize parameters and make the best use of software according to the own requirements. Maximum automation at minimum entry is the key feature of the software.


Features Provided By This Software

  Account for Margin Receivable and Payable to Member   Calculate Circuit rate and Margin Rate
  Calculation of Member Clearing   Maintain Daily Rate of the commodity in auction.
  Calculates Brokerage and TDS to the Broker   Send Email of daily rate to Newspaper
  Analytical Reports like   Cumulative calculation of the Margin
    Weekly register   Allow to set the range Criteria for the margin
    Non Member Open Position register as on date   Maintains Different Account of  Member for Margin And Clearing
    Member Open Position register as on date   Gives Member to Member Clearing Statement
    Tree view of Period wise Trading   Maintains the rate of other Commodity which is not in auction
    Top Ten Party for specified period and Specified Commodity   Multiple Bill generation with single key stroke
    Non Transacted Party for specified period and Specified Commodity   Member Maintenance Bill Creation
    Tree view of Month wise and Date wise Trading   Facility to create dynamic Bill for the Member ( Put your own Levy,
  Facility to create dynamic Maintenance Bill for the Member ( Put your own     Brokerage, Stamp duty , Service Tax etc)
    Rent, Light bill  etc)      
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