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Embedded Development

Interaction/Data Transfer with Customize Hand Held Device


Most embedded systems, as well as many emerging applications of desktop computers, involve real-time computations. Some of these have hard deadlines, typically involving streaming data and signal processing. We provide customize solution to accessing Data from PLC, including read or write operation either in ASCII or Binary Format.


IVRS using Dialogic/Modem


During day to day work at many business there is situation when many different kind of information required to provide to customers, staff members, clients, distributors. Such task required lots of man power during working hours. In current age, all such data is generally stored in Computer Software.  If you are using any other software or having database, then such task become more easy using our IVRS Software.


PLC / RS232 / RS485 Communication with PC


We can create applications that communicate data between Programmable Logic Controllers and other applications.

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