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Laxmi - software for Gold / Silver Touch Laboratory

Laxmi - software for Gold / Silver Touch Laboratory

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Laxmi software is used for Silver and Gold Touch Laboratory. Now any Silver and Gold Touch Lab can easily Maintain it's Customer's Account day by day. Customer's Touch Certificate Print Facility. with this software any one can easily manage its Customer's credit , debit in rupees and also in fine. there is so many reports and also available in Three languages English , Gujarati and Hindi.

To run our software you require following Computer Configuration


Celeron 2.0 or Above


128 MB RAM or Above

Hard Disk:

10 GB

Backup Media:

Floppy Drive, CD Drive, Zip Drive ,Pen Drive or Memory Card [ AS PER USER REQUIREMENT - OPTIONAL ]




Features Provided By This Software

Multiple Company Support Minimum typing required
Easy to maintain Party and worker's details Certificate Print Facility.

Auto Adjust Credit , Debit of any Party or Worker's Account

Receipt Print Facility
Day to Day Transaction Report So many Useful Information with One Click
Party & Worker Balance or Credit / Debit Print Facility Daily, Party And Worker Ledger
Fine to Rupees - Rupees to Fine conversion Facility. Balance Sheet Reports
Allow to Create Multiple Company Maintains Company's Daily Fine + Cash Balance
Can backup entire database (all company at once) or financial year wise. Easy short cut keys that speed up operating
While working user can switch among different companies    
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