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Message Mania

Customer Select Choice of Video By SMS

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Using this software anybody can send or receive the message using any NOKIA CDMA/ GSM phone. For this Cable Operator has to connect one Mobile phone with Computer. Using Message Mania software customer can request any video songs/movies or complain to the cable operators. This is all in one type of software to manage many tasks at once.

To run our software you require following Computer Configuration


Core i3 / Core i5



Hard Disk:

Capacity Will Depend on the number of Songs / Movies you intend to offer 40GB=700 Video Songs=90 Hour Programs.

Tv Out Card:

PCI Express TV Out Card Geforce MX 4000/ FX5200/ FX 6200 LE or ATI Radeon or Any with proper output and dual view support

For SMS:
3G net setter supporting SMS Facility with Internet Activated ( Any company IDEA, AIRTEL, VODAFONE, BSNL etc.) ( Internet not need to use)





Features Provided By Message Mania

Video / Song on Demand by SMS.
Vertical / Horizontal or Fixed Position to Scroll Song Thumbnails.
Channel Logo, Date & Time based Sponsor Logo.
Video/Text Emergency Message.
Dual View Support
Easy Keyboard Shortcut to manage running songs, advertisement.

Online Position Adjustment facility.

Facility to Arrange Online Quiz.
Show date, time, date and time according to requirement.
Special facility to handle NEWS CD. Software automatically play news from the hard disk or CD Drive at define time.

Software Support Dual View System. Operator can run channel and do other work from the same PC likes Movie Copy, making new/edit advertisement etc.

Live Video Signal in support. Stop the running movie and start any live video (*Special Version).
Software has also facility to send SMS to many users which helps to promote for sale.
Depends on SMS hits collect money from Mobile Service Provider and increase income.
Set Emergency Text message without stopping the running channel.
Play Emergency VIDEO message through CD ROM/DVD ROM directly without copy it to hard disk.
VCD, MPG, DVD, Divx, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Format Support.
Complete Report with sender number, date & time.

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