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Municipal Corporation Tax Software

Goverment can minimize property taxes and administrative expenses with the software / web solution implementation.It save cost,time and easy to reach mass taxpayers fastway. Tax payers record could be search easily, with different analysis, like pending tax payers, advance tax payers, etc.According to requirement Bill/Payment method could be either By Email,By SMS,By Letter,By Website. Web based Tax Search / Payment facility make it available 24 hours, and there is no need to worry for goverment holidays or closing hours of office, any one can check their tax status and pay tax amount online anytime, from anywhere.


Features Provided By this software

Highest customer satisfaction
Payable Email Alerts
Audit Tracking Reports
Budgets Workflow Management
Business Intelligence
Valuation Analysis Cost Allocation
Recovery Tax Bill Processing
Increases productivity
Reduces workload Up-to-date content upto last minute
Reduces costs, both IT and administrative
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