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Customer's Selected Choice of Video/Songs by Phone

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In most of developed country Interactive TV is not new concept. Customer has to purchase program of his choice and pay for that extra. Ex. Customer want to see particular Video Song or Comedy Scene from home and willing to pay extra for that, then he has to dial-up particular number using Phone Line. Same output relay on the whole network.

To run our software you require following Computer Configuration


Celeron 2.0 or Above


128 MB RAM or Above

Hard Disk:

10 GB

Backup Media:

Floppy Drive, CD Drive, Zip Drive ,Pen Drive or Memory Card [ AS PER USER REQUIREMENT - OPTIONAL ]







Aplomb Technology comes with unique solution that will handle customer request with very limited expense for Cable Operator. Using 2ndwave - Video On Demand Cable Operator can start value-added interactive service publicly with very low budget. Cable Operator make this channel Free to Air to provide their customer a channel of their choice. Operator can start his own Music or Dialog or Comedy Channel with predefines choices.


Cable Operator has to reserve one telephone line for customer request handling. This line must be connect with Computer. When any customer wants to watch his choice Video Song/ Comedy/ Scene/ Dialog, he has to dial the particular number. Predefine choice menu display on his TV Screen. Customer has to select his choice from the menu. It will display on his TV Screen at specified time.





Features Provided By this software

Customer Choice Dial Song/ITV Channel Unlimited Main/ Sub Category/ Song List
Channel Logo, Date & Time based Sponsor Logo, Category Based Logo Easy to View/ Edit Category/ Song List

Auto list of Video of Top 10 of the Day/ Week/ Month, least frequent songs

VCD,MPG,DVD,Divx,MPEG-2,MPEG-4 Format Support
Dual View Support Queue Limit Facility
Easy Keyboard Shortcut to manage running songs, advertisement Attractive Choice Menu
Online Position Adjustment facility Single Digit [0-5] Selection
Special facility to handle NEWS CD. Software automatically play news from the hard diskĀ or CD Drive as per Requirement Live Video Signal in support. Stop the running Song and start any live video (*Special Version)
Software Support Dual View System. Operator can run channel and do other work from the same PC likes Song Copy, making new/edit advertisement etc    
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