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Web Application

Browser base / Web base - Software / Application solves problems in new ways that have never been possible before, by harnessing the power of your intranet or website. Internet nowdays easily available in all over and cost very less compare to past days. Concept of Web base application is to work from any where, any time and take records / data through intranet or website.


Imagine taking time and distance out of the equation in the way you run your business or organisation. Run anywhere from Internet at the office, in a different office, at home, on-site, in a hotel, or wherever you are. Web base application available 24-7 round the clock, round the world. It's almost always cheaper compare to different setup done at different office / location.


Most of web application are custom-written, it fits your business like a glove, and can be expanded as required. Users will relate to working in a smarter more effective way.


Browser software works better at the small details too:

► No PC upgrade is required
► Installation is minimal
► Training is usually less
► It can eliminate expensive multi-site licences

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