Business Helper

Channel Management Software

With Aplomb Technology® you can get your own channel management software that helps you to monitor your revenue from advertisements. We provide cost effective channel management software which has advertiser management software, Cable station management software, advertise accounting software, and advertising billing software.

The Business Helper - advertising billing software for manage and track your revenue in advertisement industry from various sources. We have developed advertising billing software to reduce time on preparing billing on paper.

This software is very useful for managing multiple tasks such as advertisement scheduling, advertising report management, financial account and many more on the sole platform.

Business Helper

New Software for Cable Station Management

Are you running your Cable Advertisement Channel ?
Any good Business require Management...
Are you Advertiser and Need to Manage your Business ?

Why Software required ? -

  • It gives you Alert
  • Payment History
  • Customer Record Management
  • Billing
  • Receipt
  • Slot Consumption list
  • Black Listed Customer

Business helper for Cable Operator for Advertiser Billing Management

  • Maintain Advertiser Accounting
  • Advertisement Received Summarized report
  • Detailed and Summarized Billing
  • Money Guarantee
  • Track of Media Received
  • Quotation Maintenance
  • Maintain your Daily Expense and Income
  • Get Income and Expense report
  • Accounting reports like Day Book, Cash book and Ledger
  • Agent wise Accounting
  • Campaign wise advertisement maintenance
  • Dynamic Tax Calculation report
  • Taxation and non taxation bill
  • Get Analytical reports like
    • Campaign wise profit calculation report
    • Advertisement played report
    • Total Outstanding report
    • Telecast Certificate report
    • Profit Analytical report for different type of advertisement