Intelligent Playout

TV Channel in a box news automation and playout software

TV Channel Automation Playout software or Channel in a Box News Automation or Traffic and Scheduling Commercial Insertion are very regular operations that every one required while running there channel 24 x 7. Intelligent Playout provides platform where operations are managed web base with attractive Dashboard and user rights. It is possible to change Channel content, and many other running items on screen with just one simple web access from anywhere on any device.


Intelligent Playout


Software will help to upload Video Files, Advertisement, News Video on Server and based on Location, User, Channel uploaded Video automatically downloaded on local channel computer and automatically schedule for programming.

Ex. You want to display Pepsi's advertisement in your 3 Location, you have to just upload it to one location only and software will automatically download it to all 3 location and based on scheduling it will played. No manual interface required.